Personal Loans, Payroll Loans & Loans

Surely you should not be assimilating the name to the institution and we will explain why. You may have heard of Loan and Credit Bank, which is currently in a junction with Good Finance Bank, which gave rise to the Original Bank. You’ve heard of him on TV commercials.

Loan and Credit Bank

Banco Loan and Credit was born at the hands of José Loan and Credit, being the first securities distributor to obtain authorization to operate by the Central Bank in 1967.

The distributor operated in Rio Grande do Sul under the name of Divalores. Investing heavily in the business Mr. Loan and Credit created Divalvest Distributor of Securities, which became Banco Loan and Credit in 1989.

The institution operated until 2011, being a payroll-deductible loan institution until it was bought by Good Finance.

Original Bank

The Original Bank, as the bank itself often says, is an institution for you that is original. Being a financial institution with everything you ever expected from a bank.

From loans, cards, checking account, investments and even foreign exchange activity.

This 100% digital financial institution has as its pillars innovation (ensuring the most modern financial techniques and services), proximity (making each client feel unique with their needs met), simple (simple and uncomplicated for you who don’t like it). bureaucracy), reliable (your money invested and kept in safe and reliable hands), transparent (transparency in your performance).

Personal loan

Although this type of loan is not well regarded because of the high interest rates, it was a service added to the bank in 2016. Original’s personal loan has more competitive interest rates than other institutions.

In this loan mode it is possible to apply for credit directly from your digital account, without queues or bureaucracies.

When it was launched, some clients received a pre-approved credit type, with interest being calculated according to the account holder profile.

To apply for your personal loan through Original Bank you can apply through Internet Banking or the Original app. Customers with pre-approved limit have the requested money released immediately, the amount being available in the account of the account holder.

The highlight of this type of loan is the ease to obtain and the good interest rates.

Payroll loan

Although almost 90% of Banco Loan and Credit’s operations were payroll-deductible loans, Banco Original currently does not work with this type of credit. However, for customers who wish to apply for the payroll loan prepayment slip or wish to apply for the spreadsheet with the debit amount, they can apply by Original Service or by e-mail.

In both cases, the data provided will be validated and possibly a copy of your photo ID will be required.

The deadline to fulfill the request is by email, telephone or in person is five days.